Preparing for 2021 — Webinar Replay

The January 2021 State of Freight™ Webinar looked at the key uncertainties that could change the 2021 outlook for shippers and carriers. With consumer demand holding at strong levels and the industrial sector starting to gain traction, the freight markets have entered 2021 with a solid footing. View the replay below for the risks you should consider when planning your path forward.



Presenters: Eric Starks, Avery Vise, Clay Slaughter  |  Moderator: Jonathan Starks

This webinar aired on January 14th, 2021


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Additional Q&A

After this session, we sat back down with the FTR Experts to answer listener questions beyond what was covered during the scheduled Q&A segments. Read additional Q&A at


Download the webinar graphs with insights on:

  • Stimulus and demand in the new year.
  • The impact of differential spending: goods vs services.
  • The political realities of 2021.
  • The virus vs the vaccine.
  • The benefits and risks of lean inventories.