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March State of Freight TODAY

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In place of the March State of Freight TODAY landing page, we are encouraging all transportation professionals to utilize the reports and information that we have made publicly available at the COVID-19 landing page,

This landing page will be updated on an ongoing basis to show only the most relevant information. As of the time we sent our March Newsletter (3/26), this page contained:

  • Ask The Expert Webinar Replay | COVID-19 Update: Watch for a comprehensive overview with perspectives from all surface modes of transportation and Q&A covering recent policy changes and economic events. 
  • Flash Update | Recession Outlook: Economic forecast moves sharply lower as many downside risks are already in effect.
  • Flash Update | Freight Outlook: All sectors of transportation will feel dramatic effects from the coronavirus shutdowns
  • Flash Update | CV Equipment Outlook: A sharp economic contraction will slam CV production.
  • Flash Update | Rail Equipment Outlook: Rail equipment is in for an extended downturn.
  • Weekly Transportation Update: FTR expects a recession – with major downside risks
  • MORE: Congress may be about to enact a $2 trillion rescue package. While this will certainly be a huge help to stabilize the financial situation for American families and businesses, FTR does not believe it will fundamentally change our forecasts for Q2. More analysis and commentary will be provided and released through once available.


February State of Freight TODAY

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Coronavirus: Assessing the Global and Domestic Threat

The coronavirus is a growing threat to the fragile Chinese and global economies. Although we cannot know exactly how the virus’s effects will pan out, the macroeconomic impact will not be insignificant. In this commentary from FTR, we offer insight into how the virus may affect the North American transportation markets.


Understanding EDD (Economically Derived Demand)

Economically Derived Demand, or EDD, is a metric that allows you to view and understand the amount of equipment needed to support freight movements in a given year. Developed by FTR, this measurement breaks down demand for equipment into two unique categories; The replacement of current equipment and the amount of freight being put into the system. The end result is a tool that accurately portrays the underlying pressures on the system so that you can plan ahead.


January State of Freight TODAY

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The Economy in 2020: Risks & Opportunities
The current economic expansion has been in place since July 2009, the longest continuous expansion since the mid-1850’s. Although there is a popular perception that the U.S. economy is due for a recession time does not by itself make an economy more vulnerable to a recession. Recessions come in two ways.

20K in 2020: The Key for Class 8
The Class 8 market is currently operating as a normal industry, with demand and supply in close balance. However, this situation is also highly abnormal. When the freight market is growing, fleets must forecast how many trucks they will need in the future, sometimes as far as a year ahead, and order accordingly.

Paving the Way to Autonomous Trucking
Commercial vehicle automation already is underway in the most basic sense, but the coming decade likely will see widespread real world applications. The real question is how automation will benefit the transportation chain.