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2019 Key Issues in Transportation


Presenters: Avery Vise & Todd Tranausky  |  Moderator: Clayton Slaughter

Description: The webinar will touch on the latest developments in the international trade arena, especially with Mexico and China, and their potential effects on transportation. Regarding rail, the session will examine the mode’s place in the supply chain as railroads incorporate new operating models aimed at driving increased efficiency from their own network as well as those of the shippers who use their network. The focus on efficiency gains has led to discussions over pricing and additional charges which could have permanent regulatory consequences for the industry. Regarding trucking, FTR will discuss the continued softening from 2018’s extraordinary conditions and touch on some regulatory and legal issues that could affect the market in the coming year and beyond – i.e., further ELD implementation; upcoming regulations on drug testing and driver training; driver hours-of-service rules changes and push back on use of independent contractors in trucking. 

This webinar aired on June 13th, 2019



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2019 Key Issues in Transportation

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