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2019 Demand Drivers


Presenters: Eric Starks & Avery Vise  |  Moderator: Jonathan Starks

Description: For 18 months or more, the focus in transportation has been almost exclusively on the capacity side. While capacity clearly remains a big issue, the bigger question for 2019 and beyond might be the strength of and outlook for freight demand. We will review the outlook for some of the major factors that drive freight transportation demand in the broader economy.

Highlights include:
• How manufacturing demand will affect the freight transportation industry.
• Inventory cycles and what to expect throughout 2019.
• The construction/housing market and factors around labor vs demand.
• Employment and consumer spending and the FTR view on whether it will last.
• Energy’s impacts on economic growth moving forward.
• Distortions in Trade Flows.

This webinar aired on January 10th, 2019



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