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Download Your Trucking Update intelligence report

Times are good for fleets. But times change.

Learn why our clients trust our data, forecasts, and analysis to make smart business decisions.

Our newly revised Trucking Update intelligence report provides:

  • An in-depth look at the freight environment, rate outlook, and a spot vs. contract market comparison of each truckload segment allowing you to prepare for opportunities you may not have known existed
  • A clear and concise coverage of the macro-economy helping visualize how the overall economy impacts your company's bottom line
  • Robust coverage of the rate environment providing informed leverage for negotiating rates with shippers
  • Stay current on regulatory impacts to the freight and transportation market
  • Many more standard subscriber benefits including monthly State of Freight Webinars, multiple users, commentaries and downloads, and so much more!

The Trucking Update is packed full of information presented in an easy-to-read guide that covers all aspects of the over the road trucking industry, including economic drivers that impact rates and your business.

"At a time when markets swing wildly from month to month and during moments when it can feel like there is more noise than signal in the data, FTR's decades-long perspective and deep industry experience help anchor our expectations about the future. I always value the insights in FTR's monthly updates and know that I can trust FTR to provide balanced, straightforward freight market analysis without any hype or bias."

Aaron Terrazas Director, Convoy Inc.

Aaron Terrazas

Standard and Premium Service Levels

Standard Service

Standard service provides our truck market update intelligence report and monthly access to our experts via State of Freight webinars. 

Standard user: This is perfect for users that need the insights and outlooks that capture the pulse of market conditions and highlight trends and forecasts, without the underlying data and graphics.

Executives: page 1 provides an Executive Summary, providing a top level overview, making it easy for executives to see the big picture and quickly understand the market dynamics.

Premium Service

Premium service provides access to to our standard service, plus the underlying database and graphics, as well as additional commentary. 

Power User: This is geared towards power users who want to manipulate the data for use in internal systems or additional analysis. Or, for users who need to pull together reports quickly and easily for internal stakeholders.

Presenters: For users who need to create presentations quickly and easily for internal stakeholders, we provide a graphics package for the data included in the report. These graphics are stored as powerpoint slides or images to give you flexibility in sharing the information.




Standard Benefits

State of Freight Webinars

Support and on-boarding

Up to 5 users per subscription

Online access

Downloadable PDF



Executive Level Analysis

Easy to consume in one sitting but packed with enough intel to allow your team to make actionable business decisions keeping you competitive in the marketplace

FTR Trucking Conditions Index

Analysis and forecasts of freight statistics, utilization, and rates

Analysis of key trucking costs and productivity trends

Insight and projections on the ever-changing driver supply and shortage conversation

Downloadable Database

Historical data going back to 1992 and forecasted data from the report delivered in Excel format for easy data extraction to be fed into your internal business models


Downloadable Graphics Package

Includes charts from the report and underlying data in Powerpoint and image formats. This allows you to pull your reports and presentations together quickly for internal


State of Freight Insights

($2,500 value) Providing exclusive, unbiased analysis of pressing topics in the transportation world delivered by our subject-matter experts to keep you in the know on topics that will impact your business


Subscription Price
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"FTR consistently provides comprehensive and timely research studies of the transportation industry that are among the most impactful in the market today. The scope of FTR's offerings incorporates key industry metrics and places those indicators into perspective with leading economic trends.

We utilize a broad range of reports and analysis from FTR to assist us to make the most of current trends and to help to identify future opportunities. Quite often, we have been able to use metrics and information from FTR with our customers in our efforts to provide them with an independent perspective on market conditions.

Eric Starks and his team at FTR are among the most knowledgeable people analyzing our industry today. Most of all, Eric and the staff at FTR are very approachable, and it is quite clear to our team at U.S. Xpress that they value building strong relationships with their customers."

Max Fuller Chairman, U.S. Xpress

Max Fuller profile pic

"Need to better understand what the data is telling you? Not sure which service level is right for you? 

I can help you dive deeper into the report components as well as determine which service level is right for you. When you download your intelligence report you will also receive an email that highlights some of the key analytics and insights in the report.

Please feel encouraged to reach out when you have questions. I'd be happy to provide additional information or assist in any way I can. "

Derek Young Business Development Manager, FTR | Transportation Intelligence

Derek Young

Derek is the Business Development Manager at FTR and is a great resource for anyone interested in learning about FTR products and service. Contact Derek to learn more about how FTR can support your business needs. 

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