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The industry's best suppliers prepare for the unexpected in the Commercial Vehicle market with our Truck & Trailer Outlook intelligence service to understand the fundamentals driving future equipment demand:
  • What's the forecast for freight demand?
  • Are there enough trucks in the system to haul the freight?
  • Are there enough drivers for the equipment demand?
  • What is the current inventory to sales ratio?
  • What's the backlog situation?

Only FTR tracks the movements of 209 commodity codes across all modes of transportation to measure the demand for freight and equipment in the system. We give you an equipment forecast based on empirical data from industry-leading sources and the OEMs directly, so you can base your business decisions on reliable data from our award-winning Freight•cast™ forecasts and not be caught off guard again.
We also provide expanded coverage of transportation & logistic issues, freight segmentation, commodity analysis, modal analysis, truck productivity, and capacity utilization

"One of the biggest values I see from FTR is their relationship with us, particularly during times of crisis. FTR has been more than monthly reports and data, but has invested time to answer our questions and discuss their perspective on the truck market. As a department responsible for market intelligence, having access to not only FTR information, but the minds behind it is a huge support. Eric, Jonathan and Don have gone above and beyond to be available, especially during the current 2020 COVID crisis and we have been impressed by their commitment to their customers."

Abe Davis, Director of Market Intelligence, Volvo

Abe Davis

The Truck & Trailer Outlook is a Premium Service

Premium service includes:

  • our monthly Truck & Trailer Outlook intelligence report
  • access to the underlying database and graphics
  • monthly access to our experts via State of Freight webinars
  • quarterly webinars dedicated strictly to the commercial vehicle markets
  • additional commentary via our State of Freight Insights report

Executives: This service provides an Executive Summary, providing a top level overview that is well organized with straight forward talk, making it easy for executives to see the big picture and understand the market. Expert written summaries are included throughout the report. After reading the report you should have a thorough understanding of the key data, the relevant trends, and the upside and downside risks that are affecting the economy, transportation, and specifically the truck and trailer equipment industry.

Power Users: Power users are those who want to manipulate the data for use in internal systems or additional analysis. We provide access to the underlying data with history in an excel file.

Presenters: For users who need to pull together reports and presentations quickly and easily for internal stakeholders, we provide a graphics package for the data included in the report. These graphics are stored as powerpoint slides or images to give you flexibility in sharing the information.



Standard Benefits

State of Freight webinars

Support and on-boarding

Up to 5 users per subscription

Online access

Downloadable PDF


Executive level analysis

Executive summary and commentaries provide overview of the state of the industry, highlighting key data ponts, trends and risks in the market.  

Key economic data compiled and summarized

Analysis of overall trucking environment
Volumes, utilization, pricing

Market research
Economically derived demand Productivity
Freight by trailer type
Freight by commodity type
Risk Analysis

Classes 4-8 Truck Indicators
Orders, backlogs, inventories
Retail sales, build, shipments

Detailed unit forecast for classes 4-8

5 Year Forecast with near term quarterly breakdowns

Trailer Indicators
Orders, backlogs, inventories
Retail sales, build, shipments

Detailed unit forecast for trailers

5 Year Forecast with near term quarterly breakdown


Downloadable Database

Historical data going back to 1992 and forecasted data from the report delivered in Excel format for easy data extraction to be fed into your internal business models

Downloadable Graphics Package

Includes charts from the report and underlying data in Powerpoint and image formats. This allows you to pull your reports and presentations together quickly for internal

State of Freight Insights

Providing exclusive, unbiased analysis of pressing topics in the transportation world delivered by our subject matter experts to keep you in the know on topics that will impact your business

Subscription Price
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Jacobs Vehicle Systems has been a subscriber with FTR for more than a decade. It is critical that we clearly understand the trends happening within the commercial vehicle industry for the purposes of our forecasting and strategic planning. The range of expertise across the FTR staff covers many areas that pool together to provide valuable INSIGHTS and OUTLOOKS which we review regularly.

In addition to the reports and webinars, we find added value in the annual transportation conference each September as well as the accessibility of Eric and his team on an as-needed basis.

William Cortright, Director of Commercial Operations, Jacobs Vehicle Systems

Bill Cortright Profile Pic

"Need to better understand what the data is telling you? 

The Truck & Trailer Outlook intelligence report is packed with information. I can help you dive deeper into the report components. 

Please feel encouraged to reach out when you have questions. I'd be happy to provide additional information or assist in any way I can. "

Derek Young AVP Sales and Marketing, FTR | Transportation Intelligence


Derek is the AVP of Sales and Marketing at FTR and is a great resource for anyone interested in learning about FTR products and services. Contact Derek to learn more about how FTR can support your business needs.
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