Preliminary orders are only part of the equation.... 

What other types of trailer data should you pay attention to?



Number of units on order that have not been built yet.



Units that have been built but not shipped.


Net Orders

New orders minus cancellations for the time period.


Factory Shipments

Built units that have been shipped out of the factory.

Not tracking these metrics? We can help!

Introducing the FTR Truck & Trailer Outlook

Flatbed Trailer

Each month, we collect monthly delivery data from the major builders to understand the health of the industry order boards so you can understand when to expect changes in the market.

Then, we deliver the metrics that truly matter to our clients through our Truck & Trailer Outlook service.

For nearly 40 years, our Freight•cast methodology has been tracking how the macroeconomy drives the demand for freight. This top-down approach paints a comprehensive (yet unbiased) picture of the entire landscape giving you the tool you need to plan your production with precision.

Start planning your production with precision with the Truck & Trailer Outlook!