FTR Truck & Trailer Outlook

Anyone who has been in the commercial vehicle market knows that it endures large swings in production. Knowing how to understand and manage this risk is essential for suppliers preparations. FTR’s Truck & Trailer Outlook service gives you the best N.A. trailer forecast in the industry.

  • Evidence-based outcomes from FTR's Freight•cast forecasting model.

  • Detailed graphs and straightforward commentary leave no room for confusion.

  • 5-Year Forecast with near-term quarterly breakdowns.

  • Access to monthly State of Freight webinars and quarterly Commercial Vehicle updates.

  • Data to help answer the big questions about freight transportation.

Plan your production with precision with the FTR Truck & Trailer Outlook Service

A poor forecast sends ripples through your organization!

Basing your budgets on only your customer's inputs leads to a busted forecast, the dreaded bullwhip effect, and scrambling to pick up the pieces.

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