The need for reliable forecasting and actionable intelligence has never been greater.

For companies to remain successful, they have to be highly engaged and capitalize on opportunities. As the leaders in freight forecasting, FTR has paired our industry-leading Freight•cast™ forecasting model with top leaders in the transportation field to present FTR Engage — a virtual speaking series designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the transportation markets during these uncertain times.


All sessions are available for replay now and can be accessed below. 

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The Economic Restart

How long until we are back to normal?

Laura Speake - CAT, Chief Economist for Energy and Transportation

FTR Experts: Bill Witte, Clay Slaughter

Moderator: Eric Starks

The U.S. and global economies have experienced unprecedented events in 2020 - the shutdown and restart of economic activity in order to control the spread of a pandemic. As the restart phase continues several questions emerge: Are we in a stable economy? What is our new normal? Will we regain the ground we have lost? Join us for an assessment of our current economic reality.



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Assessing Trucking's Recovery

Top gear or stop-and-go?

Shelley Simpson - J.B. Hunt, EVP, CCO, President of Highway Services

FTR Experts: Avery Vise, Eric Starks

Moderator: Jonathan Starks

Trucking was stable, though not stellar, in most segments before the pandemic. The total collapse in volume, while brief, disrupted expectations for near-term market conditions, and the outlook was further complicated by massive financial assistance from the government. Join us for FTR’s latest outlook for trucking and for a discussion with a recognized industry leader regarding both challenges and opportunities that the crisis has presented for trucking companies, shippers, and brokers.

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Commercial Vehicle: Supply Shock

What challenges do suppliers face now?

Tim Farney - Vice President of Global Sales & Digital Services for Dana Incorporated Commercial Vehicle Drive and Motions Systems

FTR Experts: Don Ake, Eric Starks

Moderator: Avery Vise

We will speak with a major Class 8 supplier about the challenges faced by the sudden drop in demand this year and what challenges lie ahead in 2021. Also, the supply chain is undergoing shifts and changes. What improvements or disruptions can be expected? What countries will benefit the most? In addition, what are the expectations for the growth of electric vehicles in both Class 8 and Medium Duty markets.

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The Future of Rail & Intermodal

Where does the track lead?

Ross Corthell - Packaging Corporation of America, Director of Transportation

Phil Yeager - Hub Group, Inc., President and COO

FTR Experts: Todd Tranausky, Jonathan Starks

Moderator: Eric Starks

This series of fireside chats will examine the landscape after COVID-19 and try to provide some insights on where carriers, shippers, and intermodal service providers see things going as we head in 2021. There is enormous uncertainty across sectors about what volumes will do in the months ahead after two sub-par volume years. This session will strive to provide attendees with a baseline by which to set their expectations going forward.

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Railcar: Lower for Longer

What does the new normal look like?

Jeff Lytle - CIT, President of Rail

FTR Experts: Todd Tranausky, Eric Starks

Moderator: Jonathan Starks

The rail equipment market was under pressure before the freight and economic decline that accompanied COVID-19. An already-weak market grew weaker and, unfortunately, will remain that way until scrapping or freight demand increase. The rail equipment market is expected to face headwinds for the next 18 months. This session aims to provide some discussion around which car types are likely to emerge more quickly from the current malaise.

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The 2021 Outlook - FTR Engage


The 2021 Outlook

What will it mean to put 2020 in the rearview?

FTR Experts: Avery Vise, Todd Tranausky, Don Ake, Jonathan Starks, Bill Witte

Moderator: Clay Slaughter

Following the presidential election, we will wrap up 2020 and explore what impact this may have on the economy and transportation markets. We will also review some of the key issues that have emerged during the year with an eye for how they might impact 2021. Hear from each of FTR’s experts regarding their expectations for the different parts of the freight transportation market in the new year.



FTR Transportation Conference 2021

Planning for the 2021 FTR Transportation Conference is underway! We hope that you will save the date and join us on September 14-16, 2021 in Indianapolis, IN for the premier forecasting event of the year. Learn more and signup for updates by clicking below.