The 2021 Outlook


Following the presidential election, we wrap up 2020 and explore what impact this may have on the economy and transportation markets. We also review some of the key issues that have emerged during the year with an eye for how they might impact 2021. Hear from each of FTR’s experts regarding their expectations for the different parts of the freight transportation market in the new year.

The 2021 Outlook  |  What will it mean to put 2020 in the rearview?
FTR Experts: Avery Vise, Todd Tranausky, Don Ake, Jonathan Starks, Bill Witte, Clay Slaughter
Moderator: Eric Starks



Additional Q&A

After this session, we sat back down with the FTR Experts to answer listener questions beyond what was covered during the scheduled Q&A segments. Listen below for that discussion: