Trucking's temperature gauge

The FTR Trucking Conditions Index (TCI), included exclusively in the monthly Trucking Update Service, tells you the industry’s status at a glance.

A product of our Freight•cast™ forecasting methodology, the TCI is built on a fundamental analysis of 13 million data points each month and is a roll-up of five key components that WILL impact your bottom line.

What are the main drivers of the TCI?

Freight Volumes

Freight forecasting is our specialty, what's the demand for truck freight?

Freight Rates

What's the current rate environment and pricing pressure?

Fleet Capacity

Are there enough trucks and drivers for the forecasted freight?

Fuel Price

What's the outlook for diesel fuel prices?

Cost of Financing

Is the ability to finance equipment currently favorable for fleets?
Red tank truck - right facing

The definitive guide to trucking economics

For nearly 40 years, our Freight•cast methodology has been tracking how the macroeconomy drives the demand for freight. This top-down approach paints a comprehensive (yet unbiased) picture of the entire landscape giving you the strategic insights you need to react quickly and win the bid.

As an FTR Trucking Update client, you'll receive a monthly report packed with a 2-year TCI forecast, an exclusive long-term rate and freight forecast for trucking, rail, intermodal, and key economic data points.

The industry's best fleets leverage the FTR Trucking Update to win the bid, shouldn't you?