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Shippers Conditions Index Decline in September Likely an Outlier

The Shippers Conditions Index (SCI)) fell in September into negative territory at -3.1 from a positive 5.0 in August. The freight environment was tougher for shippers in September as capacity utilization tightened and freight volume increased.

The monthly decline appears to be an outlier as conditions, although volatile, should generally improve as capacity utilization loosens. However, fuel costs will remain a major wild card.

Todd Tranausky outside - Staff

Todd Tranausky

VP of Rail & Intermodal

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Todd Tranausky commented, “A slowing freight market will help ease shippers’ pain points over the coming weeks and months with the slow freight growth expected to continue for much of 2023. This will in particular give rail carriers an opportunity to hire to meet demand and use that headcount to improve service levels for the next upward cycle.”

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