Rail Equipment Monthly service

The most real-time view of the ever-evolving railcar landscape

The economy generates freight, and freight drives demand for new rail cars.

But that's only part of the story!

Exorbitant commodity costs and excess capacity have altered the fundamental buying cycles for new railcars in this new economy. Fleet owners are creatively leveraging existing assets to mitigate the high prices of new cars. If you aren't paying attention to what's happening within each fleet in real time, your forecasts will never be as accurate as they need to be.

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Track the metrics that matter

The FTR Truck & Trailer Outlook delivers exclusive forecasts for:

  • Backlog
  • Inventory
  • Net Orders
  • Factory Shipments
  • Key market forecasts
  • Freight forecasts 
  • Exclusive economic forecasts


Data delivered how your team needs it

The Truck & Trailer Outlook service provides the data your key stakeholders need in a collection of easy-to-consume tools:

  • PDF reports
  • Class 4-8 databases
  • Trailer databases
  • Economic & freight databases
  • Graphics and tables package
  • Monthly and quarterly webinars

Clear and concise thought leadership

The Truck & Trailer Outlook provides the analysis you need to defend your forecasts to the toughest critics:

  • PDF report with forecast changes
  • Two expertly written commentaries
  • FTR State of Freight Insights service
  • Quarterly commercial vehicle webinar
  • Monthly client-only freight and equipment webinars

Only FTR's Freight•cast™ forecast bases demand on fundamental economic and freight dynamics so you can prepare your production schedules with precision.

Track the metrics that matter

Each month, we capture industry-leading Umler™ data, cleanse and parse the data, and turn the key takeaways back to your team within the first four days of the month.  You'll have the most real-time view of activity for: 

  • Registrations
    • By add date
    • By build date
  • Retirements
    • General retirements
    • Scrappage estimates by age profile
    • Full number of retirements
  • Population age by 5-year buckets
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The economy generates freight. And freight drives the demand for trucks and trailers.

Reactionary buying patterns in the truck and trailer market have traditionally led to large swings in demand and production. Companies who prepare appropriately are rewarded with balanced books, smooth production schedules, and just the right amount of inventory on hand. Get it wrong and you leave your organization in a state of reactionary chaos, your employees stressed out, carrying unnecessary inventory from month to month, and always leaving money on the table.

The Truck & Trailer Outlook service is your comprehensive forecasting guide to understand the fundamental demand for equipment based on changes in the economy and freight dynamics so you can prepare your production schedules with precision.

Track the metrics that matter

Relying solely on your customer's forecast and preliminary order numbers is risky.  The FTR team receives monthly build data directly from the OEMs and provides our clients monthly updates on:

  • Backlog
  • Inventory
  • Net Orders
  • Factory Shipments


Data delivered how your team needs it

Different pockets of your organization require varying levels of visibility to make their best decisions.  Some need clear and concise commentary like your market intelligence team.  Some need raw data like your controllers.  Some are required to put together monthly presentations and need a way to do so easily. 

The Truck & Trailer Outlook service is built with everyone's needs in mind.  You'll receive monthly updates of:

  • PDF reports
  • Class 4-8 databases
  • Trailer databases
  • Economic & freight databases
  • Graphics and tables package


A comprehensive and all-inclusive approach to measuring the CV market with precision

FTR was built on an understanding that the economy drives the demand for freight and freight drives the demand for equipment.  The Truck & Trailer Outlook is the only service that includes a collection of all the pertinent fundamental demand drivers in one package including:

  • Overview of key truck and trailer market indicators
  • Freight indicators to recognize which commodities are driving demand for equipment
  • Exclusive economic forecasts and indicators to understand the macroeconomic environment and the expected impact on the market
Clear and concise thought leadership

We've designed the Truck & Trailer Outlook service to provide you with the information you need in an easy-to-consume format.  Each month, you'll receive:

  • PDF report with need-to-know changes in the market
  • Two expertly written commentaries to expand on the hot topics driving the current market
  • A complimentary subscription to the FTR State of Freight Insights service with a collection of weekly market updates
  • A quarterly commercial vehicle webinar exclusive to our clients to dig deep into the data
  • Monthly client-only webinars that talk through the changes in the market and new risks to have on your radar
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Data delivered how you need it

The Rail Equipment Monthly service was created to save your organization a significant investment in valuable Umler data and resource allocation in the amount of time required to format, disseminate, and distribute the data internally.  The service consists of:

  • Excel database with market intelligence for 40 car types
  • Monthly and Quarterly Webinars
  • Direct access to the FTR Experts to answer your questions about what's driving market activity

Unleashing your strategic thinking is the key to getting started.

Download a sample report to get a feel for how an unbiased 3rd party market intelligence service can help you guide your long-term decision-making.

Is the Trucking Update right for you?

In a competitive market with little room for error, your margins and bottom line depend on being more prepared than your competition. 

Download your sample report to see all of the data and insights in action. 

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