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Eric Starks

Eric is Chairman of FTR, the industry leader in freight transportation forecasting. Eric has spent his entire career in the freight transportation sector and is a leading researcher in freight modal share analysis and forecasting. His background includes research in both rail and truck freight movements and asset equipment purchases. He is currently one of the premier industry forecasters on transportation equipment demand for rail cars, commercial trucks and trailers.

Eric is a frequent speaker at Wall Street analyst meetings, association events, and private meetings. He has a unique ability to communicate to his audiences how the economy, logistics, freight, and equipment demand impacts their respective business. He is an active member of the transportation community, a former board member for NITL, and was instrumental in the creation of the Indiana University Transportation Board.

If you're interested in learning how FTR can help you make better decisions, please reach out to me at Estarks@ftrintel.com!