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Our proprietary methodology analyzes the market at a level that most wouldn't even dream of.  Capturing 13 million data points from the macro-economy down to individual OEM production schedules allows us to provide a data-driven forecast that you can trust with your most important decisions.

The Truck & Trailer Outlook service is a comprehensive service including a report, databases, and graphics packages.  Each component serves a unique purpose, but each is articulately laid out in a manner that you get the data you need quickly.

It's a big, confusing market.  A report and some graphs sometimes may leave you with additional questions.  FTR clients have direct access to our experts to answer questions about what they're seeing in the market.  Additionally, anyone in your organization will have access to a monthly webinar to get caught up on major market news.

FTR was built on the premise the economy generates freight and freight drives the demand for equipment.  The Truck & Trailer Outlook provides comprehensive coverage of the macro-economic variables and freight dynamics that drive the demand for trucks and trailers.

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Basing your budgets on only your customer's inputs leads to a busted forecast, the dreaded bullwhip effect, and scrambling to pick up the pieces.

An unbiased market-sizing tool like the FTR Truck & Trailer Outlook Service keeps your team sane and profits padded so you can focus on running your business.